Clinical Genetics Faculty & Staff

Clinical Geneticists

Ray Lewandowski, MD

Hind Al Saif, MD

Genetic Counselors

Tahnee Causey, MS, CGC
Tahnee is a board certified genetic counselor who sees patients in both prenatal and general genetics clinics.  She also sees pediatric and adult patients with bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia.  She is the Assistant Director of the VCU Genetic Counselor program and a Clinical Instructor with the VCU School of Medicine.

Heather Creswick, MS, CGC
Heather received her MS in Human Genetics from Sarah College in 1997.  She is a licensed, Board Certified genetic counselor with expertise in hereditary cancer risk.  In addition to her clinical work, she teaches and mentors students in the VCU Genetic Counseling program, sits on the Board of Directors for the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling Programs, and is a member of the Genetic Counseling Advisory Board to the Virginia Board of Medicine.

Rachel Baughman Gannaway, MS, CGC
Rachel is the Director of the MS in Genetic Counseling at VCU. Rachel joined the VCU faculty in 2006. She has been a certified genetic counselor since her graduation from the University of Pittsburgh Genetic Counseling Program in 1988. Rachel was a Prenatal and Pediatric Genetic Counselor at the University of Virginia and was formerly the Prenatal Diagnosis Program Coordinator at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Rachel has served on the Board of the Virginia Association Genetic Counselors, and is a charter member of the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Veena Ganesh, MS CGC, MS Biotech
Veena is a licensed, board-certified genetic counselor who joined VCU in 2018. She currently focuses on cancer genetic counseling, and serves as the laboratory genetic counselor in the Molecular Diagnostics Lab. Veena is also a clinical supervisor for the Genetic Counseling Program.

Allison Goodwin, MS, CGC
Allison is a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor who has been working at VCU since 2015. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the College of William & Mary and her master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from the California State University Stanislaus program in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked in multiple genetic counseling settings, including prenatal and cardiovascular/common disease. Currently, she provides counseling to patients in our General/Pediatric Genetics Clinic and our Familial Cancer Clinic. In addition, she is involved in providing counseling to patients at risk for inherited heart disease as part of a joint effort between Genetics and Cardiology.

Ann Jewell, MS, LCGC
Ann received her master’s degree in genetic counseling from Sarah Lawrence College, is a board certified genetic counselor through the American Board of Medical Genetics and is licensed as a genetic counselor through the Virginia Board of Medicine. Ms. Jewell helped establish a Prenatal Diagnostic Center in Roanoke, Virginia where she practiced as the senior genetic counselor from 1990 until her move to Richmond in 2017.  Previous to her position in Roanoke, she worked in the Neurogenetics Department at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and as a prenatal genetic counselor at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Her clinical and research interests include fetal ultrasound, fetal pathology and neurogenetic disorders.

Kayla King, MS, CGC
Kayla is a board-certified genetic counselor who is a graduate of the VCU genetic counseling program. After graduation she worked as a prenatal genetic counselor. She currently specializes in pediatric and adult genetics and serves as a clinical supervisor. Her interests include working with children and patients with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Jennifer M. Lent, MS, CGC
Jennifer is a board-certified genetic counselor who earned her master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from VCU. She currently works with patients seen in a variety of clinics, including cancer genetics, pediatric and adult genetics, and the multidisciplinary Center for Craniofacial Care. Jennifer also serves as a clinical supervisor.

Virginia Pallante, MS
Genetic counselor, directs the human genetics courses for first-year medical students, coordinates the metabolic genetics infusion program.

John Quillin, PhD, CGC
A certified genetic counselor who currently focuses on cancer genetic counseling. He is interested in studying communication of genetic risk for health promotion and decision-making, and justice in health care.

Sara Reichert, MS, MPH, LCGC 
Sara is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in both Genetic Counseling and Public Health.  She is a board-certified licensed genetic counselor who has experience in prenatal, pediatric, and adult genetics.  She serves as a Clinical Supervisor for the VCU Genetic Counselor Program.  Her special interests include working with children born with congenital birth defects.

Kaitlyn Riley, MS, CGC
Kaitlyn earned her Bachelor’s degree at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. She graduated with her Master’s in Genetic Counseling from VCU in 2018. She has been working at VCU since graduating as a cancer and prenatal genetic counselor. Kaitlyn is also a clinical supervisor for the Genetic Counseling program.

Registered Dietitian

Laura Duncan, MPH, RD, CRC
Laura is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Case Manager who counsels families regarding the nutritional management necessary to treat inborn errors of metabolism. These are specific genetic disorders in amino acid, fat or carbohydrate metabolism that require very specific dietary management. She also serves as our newborn screen coordinator by assisting physicians in the region to resolve abnormal or critical newborn screen results for babies in their practice.

Administrative Staff

Patricia "Trisha" Prezioso
Program Support Assistant Senior
Phone: 804.628.3267

Aeman Rasul
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 804.628.3512