Clinical Genetics Faculty & Staff

Clinical Geneticists

Ray Lewandowski, MD

Hind Al Saif, MD



Genetic Counselors

Rachel Baughman Gannaway, MS, CGC
A board-certified genetic counselor, Director of the Genetic Counseling Training Program, Assistant Director of Genetic Services.

John Quillin, PhD, CGC
A certified genetic counselor who currently focuses on cancer genetic counseling. He is interested in studying communication of genetic risk for health promotion and decision-making, and justice in health care.

Virginia Pallante, MS
Genetic counselor, directs the human genetics courses for first-year medical students, coordinates the metabolic genetics infusion program.

Tahnee Causey, MS, CGC
A board-certified genetic counselor, with expertise in prenatal and general genetics, as well as heritable bleeding disorders.  Assistant Director of the VCU Genetic Counseling training program

Heather Creswick, MS, CGC
A board-certified genetic counselor, specializing in cancer genetics.  Medical Genetics course director, clinical supervisor.

Kayla King, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
Room 11-032A
Phone: 804.628.3300

Katherine "Kelly" Curd, MS, M.Ed., CGC
Genetic Counselor
Room 11-033
Phone: 804.628.3246

Allison Goodwin, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
Room 11-032
Phone: 804.628.3283

Jennifer M. Lent, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
Room 11-033
Phone: 804.628.9755

Jennifer Propst, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
Room 11-032A
Phone: 804.628.3510



Laura Duncan, MPH, RD, CRC
Registered Dietitian
Room 11-055A
Phone: 804.628.5153

Patricia "Trisha" Prezioso
Program Support Assistant Senior
Room 11-011
Phone: 804.628.3267

Aeman Rasul
Administrative Assistant
Room 11-032
Phone: 804.628.3512