Student Responsibilities

Classroom and Laboratory Training

The principal expectation for students is to perform well in their classroom and laboratory training environments. A key component of student success is to consider and follow whenever possible the advice of their mentor, other guidance committee members and other faculty members.

Community Service

In addition to participating in research and course work, students in the Department also participate in a number of community and educational programs. Students are encouraged to present educational talks to parents' groups, teachers and area high schools about genetic disorders, their modes of inheritance, detection and treatment, and about the counseling and diagnostic services available at the VCU Medical Center.  


Graduate students in the Department of Human Genetics assist the faculty with teaching responsibilities in a number of ways including: presenting genetics recitation materials to the first-year medical students, and serving as a teaching assistant in undergraduate human genetics courses. Students in their 4th and 5th years are exempted from teaching but are urged to fill in if deficits are encountered. The different teaching opportunities available to students are given below: