Progress Assessment


The student’s supervisors and the genetic counseling program director work together in mentoring the student. Students are provided ongoing evaluation regarding their progress academically and clinically in a variety of methods. Students meet at least four times a year with the program director. Students also receive face-to-face feedback immediately following all clinical interactions.

Each of seven clinical rotations has a mid-point and final review. These reviews include written evaluations from supervising genetic counselors and geneticists as well as a face-to-face discussion of the student’s progress. Evaluations are based upon performance in course work and clinical rotations and include input from the supervisors of the student’s clinical and laboratory rotations, the leaders of the Wednesday meetings, and his or her research project advisory committee. The purpose of these evaluations is to provide regular feedback to students regarding their progress and to develop plans to ensure a timely completion of the requirements of the M.S. program.

Written comprehensive exams are given at the end of the first and second years. The first-year exam is a one-day exam generally composed of half multiple-choice certification exam-style questions and half short-answer questions. The student must successfully complete both portions of the exam to matriculate to the second year. The second-year exam is a similarly structured but more comprehensive. The second-year written comprehensive exam is followed by an oral exam with a defense of the research project. The written exam must be successfully completed to take the oral exam.