Cost of Study and Financial Aid

The M.S. in Genetic Counseling degree requires 21 months/two years of study for students entering with a B.S. or B.A. degree, and must be completed within five years. Students are required to register for an average of 15 credits each semester and 3 credits during the intervening summer.  Students that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are encouraged to seek financial aid through the VCU Office of Financial Aid. We also encourage these students to go to to begin paperwork at the time of application.

Students will find payment information, student responsibilities and the most recent tuition and fees schedule in the VCU Student Accounting Department.

Due to limited resources, the M.S. Genetic Counseling program is unable to provide direct financial support from departmental or university sources at this time.  However, in recent years the program has been able to provide a small stipend to students to help with various expenses associated with the program (including books and attendance at NSGC, etc.).

Work-study positions may be available to help students finance their education. Other funding opportunities may also be available, including supported leadership training in neurodevelopmental disabilities (LEND).

The MS in Genetic Counseling program at VCU is committed to promoting all aspects of diversity.  Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a qualified applicant who identifies as underrepresented in the field of genetic counseling.  This scholarship provides either 1) the equivalent of in-state tuition to a student who is not a resident of Virginia for the two years of their academic career at VCU or 2) 50% reduction of in-state tuition to a student who is a resident of Virginia for the two academic years of their academic career at VCU.  This cycle, the scholarship is open to those who identify as Black, LatinX, Native American, and Pacific Islander.  Students can self-identify in a variety of ways, including the program application and/or email correspondence with Program leadership.  Students who qualify for the diversity scholarship can use both tracks when ranking VCU via the National Matching Service.