Progress Assessment

Students are provided ongoing evaluation regarding their progress academically and clinically in a variety of methods. In their clinical rotations, each student meets face to face with their supervisor after each clinic to complete self-assessments, receive constructive criticism and discuss their performance and goals going forward. Information from these face to face meetings is recorded in the student’s weekly progress log, which is provided to the genetic counseling supervisor to complete. Students also complete an online logbook, where they can detail all aspects of their clinical experience including interactions with the patient/family, self-assessment information and the genetic counseling roles they performed.

Each clinical rotation has a mid-point and final review, which include written evaluations as well as a face to face discussion. Evaluations include input from all supervisors that worked with the students during that rotation. The purpose of these evaluations is to provide regular feedback to students regarding their progress and to continue to develop goals and improvements going forward.