Graduate Certificate in Clinical Genetics - FAQs

Please refer to the VCU Graduate School program bulletin for detailed information about admissions, degree requirements, and contacts.


How long is the program?  The program is 2 semesters – fall and spring. A minimum of 16 credit hours is required to complete the certificate.

How do I apply?  If you applied to the VCU Genetic Counseling program, we can actually transfer all of your MSGC application materials to the Certificate program.  You will need to submit the bare bones certificate program application first and then initiate the transfer of application materials by emailing

The application for the certificate program can be found on the VCU graduate school website.  Just click "Apply Here". 

Admission is rolling and the deadline is July 15th.  The GRE is not required.

What courses are required?

Fall Semester

HGEN 501 Introduction to Human Genetics (3 credit hours)
BIOS 543 Graduate Research Methods I (3 credit hours)
Elective (2-3 credit hours)

Spring Semester

HGEN 502 Advanced Human Genetics (3 credit hours)
HGEN 606 Introduction to Clinical Genetics (1 credit hour)
Clinical Genomics (2 credit hours)
Elective (2-3 credit hours)

Will courses be offered virtually?  The Certificate program is designed to be an in-person program; however, the switch to virtual classes and clinical observations during COVID-19 may have an impact on how we proceed in the Fall of 2022.  Virtual attendance may be an option, but is not a guarantee.

When do classes begin?  Classes begin on August 23, 2022.

What are the tuition and fees associated with this program?  Students will be enrolled for 2 semesters and take 8-9 credit hours per semester depending on the electives they choose.  The fee schedule is not out yet for 2022-2023, but based on current numbers, 9 credit hours = $7590 (resident)/$14,604 (non-resident) and 8 credit hours = $6464 (resident)/$12,632 (non-resident). 

Cost of Attendance calculator.

The graduate office suggests that you use "Graduate Masters - MCV campus."  You could be part-time if you choose a 2 credit elective (8 total credit hours) or full-time if you choose a 3 credit one (9 total credit hours).  You can play around with the calculator to see how that affects the bottom line.

Will relevant course credits earned in the Clinical Genetics Certificate program transfer to the VCU Masters in Genetic Counseling program?  The Certificate program curriculum includes 2 courses that are also part of the first year MS Genetic Counseling curriculum (HGEN 501 and HGEN 502) and 2 electives that can be selected from the MSGC curriculum. Students accepted into the MSGC program, after successfully completing the Certificate program, will receive transfer credits for those courses. 

Additional Websites/Contacts

Website instructions to Accepted Graduate Students can be found here

To accept your offer, email   Once the university system has been updated, you will be eligible to register for courses.  

Registration occurs through the Student Services Center.