Faculty & Staff

Our highly interdisciplinary department combines the talents of several full and affiliate faculty members along with a key staff that together support our teaching, research and clinical missions. Many of our faculty members are international leaders who conduct state-of-the-art collaborative research that is supported by the National Institutes of Health, other governmental funding agencies and a range of private foundations.

Research projects in the department aim to identify disease-related genes, determine normal and mutant gene function, investigate gene regulation and understand disease-causing interactions between the environment and genetics. An exceptional atmosphere for research training is fostered by a high faculty-student ratio and vigorous interactions between graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members.

Our staff is made up of experienced administrative professionals who assist in the daily operations of the department, including grant administration, customer service and technical support.

Detailed information about the departmental faculty and staff can be found in the menu to the right. Please also see Research Programs for additional information about specific areas of research.