The VCU Department of Human and Molecular Genetics continually strives to excel in our missions of research, education and patient care. State funded institutions have limited resources for important aspects of our missions. One example, in which the department has identified a need, is scholarship funding for outstanding genetic counseling applicants. To remain competitive for the best students, private donations of unrestricted funds will aid us to meet the goals of the department. We encourage you to contribute to the following funds to help continue the legacy of excellence in human genetics at VCU.

MCV Foundation Fund #70059

Human Genetics Endowment Fund
Objective: To recruit and retain outstanding faculty through the establishment of named professorship(s)

MCV Foundation Fund #50192

Human Genetics Program Enhancement Fund
Objective: To support critical research and clinical missions of the department. Funds utilized for faculty salary, establishment of lab and other appropriate operating expenses

MCV Foundation Fund #50051

Merz Travel Award Fund
Objective: To support graduate student(s) attending national/international conference/meeting/seminar. Awardee(s) are selected by the Human Genetics Awards Committee.

MCV Foundation Fund #30077

Phelps Genetic Counseling Fund
Objective: To support teaching and service missions of genetic counseling program

More information
Donate online through the MCV Foundation eGiving page. In addition, you can establish named funds for $10,000 or more. For more information about these and other opportunities, please visit the MCV Foundation website.