Bhavi Modi celebrates her dissertation defense in December of 2016 with a small party thrown by her adviser Dr. Jerry Strauss. Bhavi worked on finding variants important in polycystic ovary syndrome specifically in the DENNDIA gene. Pictured are Bhavi with her committee members, Dr. Rita Shiang, Bhavi Modi, Dr. Joyce Lloyd (front row), Dr. John Nestler and Dr. Jerry Strauss. Not pictured, Dr. Kelly Archer. Photo courtesy of Dr. Bhavi Modi.

Students Samantha Spencer (MS 2015) and Navaneetha Bharathan volunteer at the Science Museum of Virginia. On this day, they are cooking up a healthy snack for museum patrons while discussing the science behind the ingredients as well as the techniques to prepare them. Other demonstrations they have given include showing that rats can be trained to play basketball. Samantha is currently a PhD student in the neuroscience program at VCU. Photo courtesy of Navaneetha Bharathan.

Students Anting Hsiung and Brian Hur get into the holiday spirit as they celebrate winter break at a winter potluck for laboratories on the 11th floor of Sanger Hall. The Departments of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Human and Molecular Genetics and OB/GYN have labs on the 11th floor. Photo courtesy of Dr. Eun Lee.

Samantha Spencer, Navaneetha Bharathan and Dr. Rita Shiang participated in the March for Science in Washington DC on Earth Day, April 22, 2017. The march was a non-partisan movement to celebrate science. Marches were held worldwide with a global attendance estimated at 1.07 million. It was thought that 100,000 participants marched in the nation’s capital.