walter and barry Oct 2013

A rare reunion with former members of the Department, Drs. Barry Wolf and Walter Nance. Dr. Nance who founded the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics was also a former President of the American Society of Human Genetics. A special session entitled “Twin Studies: Helping Us Understand and Exploit the Genome (In Honor of Walter Nance's Contributions to Human Genetics on his 80th Birthday)” was held at the 2013 American Society of Genetics annual meeting with talks given by him and many former Department members including Drs. Rita Cantor Chiu and Nick Martin. The session was co-moderated and organized by Cynthia Morton (Ph.D., 1982). Photo provided by Karen Weissbecker.

Upneet Graduation 2012-2013

Upneet Sokhi (Ph.D., 2013) celebrates her graduation from the Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) Program and the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics with chocolate, flowers and presents. The MBG graduate program is an interdisciplinary program where students can chose to work with a wide variety of faculty in different departments. Photo provided by Upneet Sokhi.

General Assembly 29 Fisher

Governor Terry McAuliffe presents Dr. Paul B. Fisher, with Virginia’s Outstanding Scientist of 2014 award at the Science Museum of Virginia’s General Assembly Reception on January 16. A link to the press release can be found here. Dr. Fisher received this recognition for his research on the mechanisms involved in cancer development and progression in order to define improved methods for cancer prevention, detection and therapy. He is the Chair of the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics and Director of the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine. Photo provided by Sean DeWitt Photography.

MCV winter ball 2014 girls

Jia Yan (Ph.D. and M.S.G.C., 2012), Dr. Rita Shiang and Roseann Peterson (Ph.D. 2012) get into the spirit of the MCV Winter Ball on February 1, 2014. The theme was the Great Gatsby. Drs. Yan and Peterson are both performing postdoctoral research with researchers at the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics. Current students who also attended the Ball include Dave Brohawn, Derek Gygax, Ayman Hariz and Kim Mayes. Photo provided by Nilo Libuit.

PTC tasting table Girl Scout Day 2014

Students Kate Dochelli (not pictured) and Kelly Curd (seated in orange) manned a table representing Human and Molecular Genetics at the Women in Science (WIS) Student Association’s Girl Scout Science Day. They were testing the girls to determine if they could taste bitter using PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) testing strips which illustrates the concepts of variation and dominant inheritance (see inset). This yearly event brings in middle school girls to have hands on experiences in science. Kate was the Vice President for Finance for WIS. Photo provided by WIS.

GC 2014 grads and advisers

Happy M.S. Genetic Counseling Graduates and the faculty that direct their graduate program. The graduates will be dispersing across the country for their careers. Dan Gallo will be doing Cancer Genetic Counseling at Washington University in St. Louis, Kelly Curd will be working at Savannah Perinatal Associates in Georgia. Jessica White and Kayla Claxton are joining Maryland Perinatal associates, where two of our former VCU graduates are currently employed. Jill is moving to TX hoping to be working in the San Antonio area. Front row: Kelly Curd and Jessica White. Back row: Rachel Gannaway, Dan Gallo, Kayla Claxton, Jill Harris and Tahnee Causey.