The first African American President of the United States, Barack Obama, is sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2009. VCU students and friends Roseann Peterson, Tim Bigdeli, Mary Bazille, Holly Paddock and Brooke Burns brave the cold temperatures and crowds to witness this historic event.


Genetic counseling students Valerie Deoudes and Melanie Moshier at the 2008 Anthem Gurney Tourney. The Anthem Gurney Tourney is a madcap competition where teams dress up and race hospital beds through downtown Richmond. The event raises money for the Hospital Hospitality House and the VCU Pauley Heart Center.


The 2009 Masters of Genetic Counseling graduating class includes Mindy Preston, Alicia Carlson, Christine Cordero, Jessica Sheehy, Veena Mathur with Program Director Rachel Gannaway. The sweatshirts are a gift from the 2010 Genetic Counseling class.


Students Roseann Peterson, Brooke Burns (M.S. 2009), Jia Yan and Jackie Meyers travel to Walla Walla, Washington to be part of Holly Paddock’s (M.S. 2009) wedding, in a meadow on a mountaintop near her family home.